Complete knowledge is impossible.  The strong narratives of Sergio Garcia

A superb book with an exciting unveiling and unexpected narrative is somehow like the universe found in the paintings of Sergio Garcia, one that elicits emotion and provided meaning to our world.
As a good book is capable of enacting unique conceptual ideas and recuperating the intensity of imagination through a narrative, so are the paintings and drawings of Garcia.
A book begins as a small mass of material, formed and pressed into life by ideas, words, and machines. Pulp becomes paper, becomes thought, becomes the word, becomes a book, and becomes a precious object of insight and memory.
A great painting in a similar manner starts at the intersection of a piece of canvas and materials, as a territory of interpretation through the gesture of the artist transforming a space re-created through  a robust, expressive language oozed in forceful colors, imagined spheres of existence, depth of space, the passage of time and the freedom of technique.
As stated in past publications about the artist: “Garcia is constantly struggling with issues coming from social and political landscapes, portraying human condition and personal identity. He does that by challenging his passions, and obsessions, his anxieties and fears, and confrontation of bi-cultural dualities and realities.”
Libraries are historically the place where ideas are researched and begin. Many of the best ideas, artistic upsurges, inventions, and breakthroughs have been inspired by the contents of libraries since the 17th century.
Garcia’s artwork is a bond made visible between the book and the artwork, in which each medium in its ways, has survived the ages while allowing us to imagine, discover and communicate with each other. His coarse characters, unpredictable symbols, and legendary icons offer a compelling epiphany of our existence.
Sergio Garcia is a Cuban-American artist, a sculptor and a painter who uses art as a mean for exploring his identity, both past, and present within the context of the ever-present human condition and the socio-political environment.

Jorge Luis Gutierrez p.h.d.
Museologist and Curator, Curatorial Labs-Phialdelphia.